Bringing my boyfriend over for our first Thanksgiving together?

its not the 1st time they've met him, he comes over pretty often but its the first time he's going to be spending a prolonged amount of time interacting with my whole family. We have been dating for 6months and he's coming over for thanksgiving. I don't have a big family that's coming, just 5 other people but I know he wants them to like him and welcome him into the family; we've been discussing marriage someday. So what can he do to win them over. Should he brink flowers for my mom or food (even though we don't need more food) Anny suggestions are appreciated.


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  • O.o Dude, same situation (and relationship length) except I'm going over there. What I suggest is that he asks your mom if there's anything he should bring( referring to food). Even if you don't need it and he knows this, it's still shows he was thinking about helping, which will impress her. You know your family, just warn him if there's anything he shouldn't do. Have him act as usual; they should like him for who he is, and not something he's not, right?I wouldn't say flowers, since there will be other people. I'd save that for Christmas, as long as he gets something similar for your dad as well.

  • i've been dating my guy for 6 months and we're engaged(:

    just make sure he is social and if he is they'll love him!

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