He keeps backing out!!

okay, so before this question I had already asked a question about why I couldn't get over a guy, well UPDATE ON THAT STORY: I'm over him, I seen pictures of him a:he's ugly as SHIT NOW, B: he's engaged now LMFAO so I'M SO OVER HIM! :) and I'm good :) but uhhh this guy named Alan, him and I used to work with each other @ a restaurant, but I moved to a different place of work. He lives 30 min away from me, and we don't work together any longer. He calls me when he's kinda buzzed talking about how much he cares about me and blah blah blaaahhhh, he isn't SMASHED when he calls me, but he's tipsy when he's calling me :/ I mean don't get us wrong, we've talked to each other sober lol but he spills his feelings HARD on me when he's had a sippy sip lol uhhh so he keeps trying to make plans to hang out...every time the day comes to hang out he won't answer, or he'll call and say some excuse as to why he can't chill that night. He'll then call 4 days later apologizing profusely saying "I'm having a really hard time hanging with you becuase I'm insecure, I don't wanna care this much for a girl because I've been SOOO hurt in the past, I wanna hang with u, I'm just scared" I try to tell him, "alan, I'm NOT GOING TO HURT U! I wanna hang with u, I care for you too, but I mean...youre killing my energy, I'm out of things to say to make you feel better. I don't want to PUSH ON you and BEG You TO hang with me..." he then says, "well I want you to push on me" he then asked, "well...when we don't talk for days on end, does it bother u?" it's like he's playing games with me BIG TIME. It's like either he gets tipsy and calls me just to f*** with a girl because he's bored, or he gets tipsy and grows balls to TELL ME that he cares a lot for me. It also seems like he likes the chase of me in a way. He wants my attention by asking, "well does it bother you when we don't talk" uhhhh...i need help...girls tell me the HONEST TRUTH what you think is going on with this damn guy! ugghhh!


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  • I don't think he's that up into you or wants something more,