Is he going to propose?

Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now, and I am totally head over heels for him! We moved in together about 8 months ago and everything is going so well! We get along so well and never fight, it is almost like living with a best friend. So he took me on vacation to the islands and I thought for sure he was going to do it then, and to my surprise did not. I was crushed! It was such a romantic getaway just the two of us and I should have enjoyed the time but was a little bummed due to my expectations. However he keeps bringing up Christmas, and I am thinking in my mind is he going to do it then? He keeps saying things like I am so ready, and he also keeps dropping hints like how's my wife doing or will you love me forever? etc What are some signs that a man is ready to propose?


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  • those can be little signs but maybe he wants to do something even more special but if you keep expecting it then its gonna seem even longer trust me just sit back and relax and by surprise one day you will look down as he will be on his knee and then you will know this is what I have been waiting for and it will be the greatest moment of your life and then you will be so relieved but don't worry he's not going anywhere so it will happen but spontaneously just wait and see


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