Girlfriend thinks I cursed her?

I just received a text that if I cursed her end it because I've suffered enough being sick. Can't you just let me be healthy? Now she left me gave the wasn't happy I live a sh*t life and my brothers right I'm not marriage material or you would have already done it after 8 years. If you love me you'd let me go ... Well OK go so out she moved about 4 weeks ago in a fast non conversational way basically said there's nothing to talk about and I was delusional if I thought that would help. She tried to contact me many times with text messages, phone calls from her and private lines left a few messages she needs to talk etc... This break was sudden and I didn't get it but gave it anyway. I've not returned calls then this past week she puts she's in a relationship on face book no less whatever not a big deal I believe she did this to get a reaction from me? What do you think. Now I didn't curse her in any way if anything I would bless her and wish her the best in everything . How should I respond it's time to say something I don't want her sick I want her happy if not for me for herself to share with others. Let me add we have always had a weird spiritual connection but she wanted this to find someone to marry and have a family even though I agreed I'd do it for her but she wanted someone that wanted it because they never had kids or was never married I don't get it any ideas on how to reply? I thought it was over it pains me but I love her and as always give her what she wants. Are we over or what?


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  • I think if she's THAT crazy that she thinks you cursed her to make her sick it should be over anyway. She's obviously trying to get your attention, and that's why she wanted the "break" too. She's trying to make you jealous. I'd say if your sanity is worth anything to you at all it should definitely be over.

    • I can only say thank you we think alike .As I read it my first reaction was my own sanity . Funny I remember she said she had to leave and cut off all contact for her own health and sanity! Wow I have to not let this get the best of me I'M to good a person sane and self suffiecient just can't understand this soft spot.

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