A question about marriage for my fellow girls..

So my friends and I had a girls night out yesterday. We're all about 20 years old, none of us have boyfriends, or have really been in any serious (or unserious for that matter) relationships.

Then they all started talking about the day they get married.

They had it all planned out - what flowers, what color scheme, what dress, which bridesmaids, what where when: EVERYTHING. Everything but with whom they were to marry.. (minor detail)

So I realized I've never thought about any of this.

What about you ladies? Have you guys got it all planned out? I mean, of course I want to get married someday, whenever I meet "the one", but is it uncommon for me not to have even fantasized about it?

And if any guys read this, have YOU thought about what the day you get married will be like..?


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  • IF I ever get married (and that's a big "if"), I know I want a very small marriage. My brother, our parents, and her siblings with maybe my best friend, but that's all. I don't want a wedding with more than 10 spectators.


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  • I thought about it because I had a 4 years relationship already.

    But, honestly, this is not the real reason, even if I never had a relationship, I bet I'd thought/planned something about the day I'd get married, because I'm sensitive, romantic, and definitly a dreamer.

  • Hell, I'm engaged and I still haven't thought about all that. :P

  • Yeah, I've never fantasized about a wedding at all either.

    I'm not sure how uncommon it is though...I've never discussed it with any of my friends before.