Should a woman propose to a man?

If a man is ready to get married then he would ask.. Don't force it upon him, women should NOT propose to a man. IF he doesn't propose there's a reason for it, and when he does you would know that he truly wants to marry you.

Do you think its an good idea for a woman to propose to a man? WHY or WHY NOT?

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  • Hmm, if she proposes to the guy, maybe she should jump through hoops to prove her love as well. You see movies where the guy does all these things to prove his love but what does the woman do? Accept his proposal.

    I think both people should do something remarkable to prove their love for each other. Maybe it should be a requirement before getting married. Like the gauntlet and those who pass are allowed to be happily ever after. Perhaps a very few people would get divorced because those weak of heart would have failed during the trials.

    • i think women are more emotional and has no problem showing their feelings. While on the otherhand its hard to determine what a man is thinking. That's why usually the guys have to prove their love.

    • There are plenty of women who aren't in love with a guy but play it up to get married and get his money. I'm not saying that guys aren't shady either.

    • oh well yea..thats just ignorance on the guys part.. but I'm talking true love

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What Guys Said 1

  • There are situations where the woman has to bring the question up. Some guys need prodding and some guys just aren't proactive. They aren't opposed to it , but they need the woman to tell him she's interested or he'll never get around to it, believe me.

    • bringing it up and proposing are two differnet things.. I agree with what your saying though

What Girls Said 2

  • i seriously don't see why this is a should/shouldn't situation. we live in the 21st century, if you're a woman and want to propose to your man then do it.

    • the idea of a woman getting on one knee.. I don't know some people like myself likes the traditional way.. that's just my opinion

  • yes, if you love a man enough I don't see why a woman should hold back from proposing, other than her own inhibitions.