My boyfriend wants to get married...?

It really kinda shocked me but he says eventually when we've seen one another a bunch of times he'd like to get engaged to me and get married in a few years if everything works out and if were still in love. (He lives in another country (Usa) and he's gonna be visiting me sometime this year) He said if we did end up getting engaged he'd move to the country I'm at(Australia) so we could be together.

just wanted to get your opinions on this matter.

This is actually for a friend of mine,i just didn't wanna type it in 3rd person.

He's 22 and she's 18 .


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  • This is a "get in your pants" ploy. Make her think that there's some great emotional connection that's leading to marriage. He's also left himself an out with the "if everything works out" nonsense. What a pile of crap.

    • Would a guy seriously waste thousands of dollars to travel around the world to see a girl just to get laid tho?

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    • Wow...If I was a guy I sure wouldn't waste thousands of dollars and time just to get laid and get a vacation...Seriously sounds like it'd be dumb lol unless it was a really hot girl.

    • So, your friend isn't hot!?? :)

      Upon further reflection I have to say that talking marriage at this stage is just crazy for this guy. He's 22 and probably can't get to work without his mother driving him so getting to Australia won't happen.

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  • Well tell her if she is ready for something like that and can see herself with him, then yeah. But if she isn't ready she should think about herself FIRST! I say enjoy your life while you young and not grow up so fast. Take things with him day by day but still let him know how you feel. Things happen for a reason! just enjoy being young while you can. Tell her good luck for me

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