Can I ask him for a diamond?

My boyfriend and I can't see each other right now and probable not for a long time (LDR). I would really like to have a diamond ring from him, not as an engagement ring, but rather as a reminder of his love even when we can't be together.

About a year ago, I brought it up and explained what a ring meant to me (I have one from my grandma) and he kinda explained that he didn't want to give me one, because he felt it would mean more to me than it should (aka a promise of us being together...).

I let it drop but STILL really want one.

Do you think I can broach the topic again (especially with Christmas coming up and me leaving soon?) and if so, how?

Or should I just let it go? I don't think he's gonna ask me what I want (which would be a good opening), but knowing him, he's not gonna do that. sigh.

Am I just being silly here?

On the money issue, I'm not talking a big fat 600+ $ ring, a teeny tiny 200$ ring would make me more than happy and I would totally spend that much money on him (on a guitar for example).

So it's not a money issue here.
also, it's not like I NEED one. I just WANT one. Other people want an Xbox or nice shoes. So I don't get why this is such a big deal, just because it's a ring?


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  • I'd not say silly but it just doesn't make sense, why a diamond? ? A picture of him/a letter, etc, so many things can symbolize your relationship and bring a stronger and unique meaning regarding you both, that no diamond can represent. Besides that the real reminders of his love, is his behaviour, and your memories and feelings.

    I think that a diamond should be an expontaneous desired and planned present from HIM, without you asking for it...what's the point on wearing a diamond when you know that your boyfriend wasn't really planning to give you, but since you mentioned it, he's like you forcing one situation to receive this present.

    Your so wanted diamond will eventually come, at the right time/moment , because this is a big step in a relationship, I mean, a diamond it's the 'engagement ring' for a reason, so don't push it! (you may freak him out lol I know if I were a man, I would felt pressed and that you were trying to rush/force things)

    Anyways, all the best and good luck!

    • thanks. You are right. I wouldn't wanna feel like he just did me a favor but really hated doing it. So I'll just let it go. If he ever feels like it, he will give me one. For now, I'll just take fun pictures of us. :)

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  • If he shows his love in other ways, leave it be. A girl asking me for a ring of any sort to "show her I love her," is a huuuge red flag for fact, I'd probably break up with her after she asked me that.

    Of course LDR's never work for me personally. I figure if I have to move somewhere for a job or school, and a woman follows me, she's definitely 100% interested and in love with me...if not, then she's not fully in love and interested in me, and that's ok...but that's a whole other topic for another day.

  • Very much so. A materialistic item shouldn't be something that you turn to for reassurance of how you stand with someone emotionally. The sole thought/reminder of that person and what you have with them should be enough.

    • Answer to Update: Never have I heard anyone tell someone "I'll always remember you, and think of your feelings for me if you get me this Xbox/PS3, or these pair of Jordans/Air Force ones." You're trying to justify your materialistic want. When there isn't a way to justify it.

  • you should leave him an equal amount of cash.

    A diamond is just a useless rock that costs a lot of money. To me asking for one would be the same as asking for a large amount of cash.

  • dont bring it up, itll only interrogate him. if he wants to do it on his own. he'll do it but he already said no to you when you asked the first time. leave it alone

    • Ok, do you think that should he (ever) ask what I want as a gift (either now for Christmas, or my birthday or whatever), do you think I can bring it up then, or should I just never bring it up again, in the hope that he KNOWS?

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    • do you know what interrogate means? Jw. santa will bring you a dictionary.

    • it means she would be drilling him about it. and I don't think he wants that. so yes I used it in the right context. point is. she's wrong to ask for a diamond after he said no the first time

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  • I don't think you should feel that you need a diamond ring as a reminder of his love for you... there are many other things that can represent that (also much cheaper)

  • I think that he may have already told you the truth about his feelings by saying he thinks it will mean more to you then it should.

    the relationship may not be worth keeping if you want a lot more from it then he is willing to give.

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