What are some good topics to text him about?

So what should a girl text a guy when the convo gets dry or boring. Like y'all are texting then the convo falls. What are some good conversation starters or topics that will get the guy wanting to stay engaged in the texts.


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  • ask him hows an activity going esp if he plays sports. knowing myself, I really like to talk about my hockey experiences with girls. another topic would be just start playing texting games like 20 questions or a story when each person makes a line of the story up from the top of their head, turns out to be kinda fun.

    could you help me with mine? its kinda long sorry. thx in advance


    • Thanks I like that idea about the games.he hasn't responded yet though. I'll help you with yours right now :)

  • well I typically like to more ask questions that way they have to text back, and because people like to text back...

    bsides that



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