Question for girls, what does marriage mean to you?

OK yes its so you can spend the rest of your life with the one you love and have a family but what else...

what do you expect from your husband?

what comfort zone do you want to be in?


the reason I ask is because woman get married for all sorts of reasons, some for love, some for security, some just to settle down, some for money if their guy is rich.

be honest what defines marriage for you


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  • Well other than spending the rest of my life with him and have a family. I also want to be able to joke around, do silly things and go on trips together. Just all around have fun and enjoy each others' company. I want to be able to talk about things and to have a good all around relationship with :)


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  • It means if I fall in love with someone else I can't do anything about it without betraying a promise I made, it means I have o longer sole supreme decision making power over where I love what I do how long I doit for because now every single thing I do will affect another human being., it means I'm going to have to deal with someone wanting sex maybe more than me & feeling guilty or having to deal with his frustration if we don't have it. it means he may want kids & ill feel ad because I'm not having any. it means constant compete with for the rest of my life. forever trying to make sure things are balanced lots of miscommunication & possibly not clarification, it means possible bitterness, possible smothering, possibly losing lois of friends, it means a lifetime of not being able t=o make decisions, or change my mind without consequences for another person,

    To me marriage is settling. I want love to keep me with someone not law- how romantic is that.

    "Our love is legally binding.."

  • Marriage is a promise, an oath.

    I don't know about other girls but I take my word and my promises seriously. That's why I always hesitate to give it out and think things over.

    I don't believe in divorce, if I get married, that's it, there won't be a divorce even if we get to be really unhappy later on.

    You don't marry a person thinking they are going to make you happy forever, you marry a person because you think you can take on *anything* together, as a team.

    It means you need the utmost faith and loyalty in one another, the willingness to listen, to compromise, the ability to lead when the other is down and the humility to accept help from your partner when you can't help yourself. There is no room for selfish pride here, only the grace you can get from truly loving each other.

    • what id he cheated on you?

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    • think I have a good enough grasp on his character to be able to pick up if he would have those kind of tendencies or not.

    • What if someday he came & told you, I want you to be my housewife, but would you be very happy to accept it?

  • For me it means a life long commitment, something that your 100% sure of and no wishy washy feelings. It also should happen(to me) only if the two are completely in love and have been for some time(as in years). To me marriage is very special and should not be toyed with

  • I don't want to get married. I believe it's outdated and completely unnecessary. I can have a family out of wedlock easily. It doesn't make a difference at all. I can feel the same sense if security with a partner. X

  • i expect respect and love and loyalty, honestly, caring, someone who will always support me and my decisions in life. but also someone who will point me in the right direction when I need that.


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