I am a shy guy, but I do write songs so should it be my way of proposal?

Hey girls

I have a problem

I am an Old Fashioned romantic guy who loves writing song about the person he loves

But the problem is I am shy

So if a boy like me proposes you by writing a song or rap for ya and giving it to you then what would you reply to his proposal? :\

Here are some lines I wrote for my love : (Tell me if you loved them)

'We both could feel the sparks fly in between us,

But was it true love or just mere lust?,

Maybe it was love because I would never break her trust,

Or make our bond ever rust.' ;)


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  • The songs really nice. I think she will love that you took the time to think of and wright her a special song that is so sweet. :) I am NO song writer but maybe change make to let? Just a suggestion like I said I can't wright songs ;) Were you going to incorporate the song in with something she would like. Most girls like there guy to make a day/night a romantic moment they would enjoy so. Humm does she like flowers? Is her favorite time of the year xmas? Does she like night or day better? eating out or dinning in? Because you can do these things before you sing the song and drop to one knee. Here is an idea you could invite her to a Xmas dinner make something she likes. Add in the her favorite desert at the end of the nice candle lit dinner for two, since you like music play some nice background music during dinner maybe. Then tell her you want to give her something turn on the xmass tress lights and turn all the others off some how get her near the tree then drop to one knee and sing you'r song. That is if she is they type that would enjoy that. I can't tell you what she will say but I will tell you is most all girls like it when there guy spends a day or night doing romantic things we would enjoy so if she loves you and you make it as romantic to her as you can leading up to the proposal I think she will say yes and remember the whole romantic night you did for her forever.. You can make anytime she likes into a romantic moment.

    However you do it I am sure she will love the song.

    • Thanx a lot for the advice B)

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    • Hey thanks again :)

    • Your welcome :)

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