Is it just me? Am I being too analytical?

I have only known this girl for a short period of time (about half a year) and we seemed to connect really well. We are both Christian and shared the same moral views about saving ourselves for marriage.

I am unsure as to whether we have been too open and honest with each other. Sharing with one another our deepest secrets and having weird conversations. (We had topics about 'appropriate' sex inside marriage, even masturbation.)

I guess it seemed to me as if I was falling for her and I didn't know whether she felt the same way. I did manage to get her in my room once. Towards the end of the afternoon we were lying on my bed (about half a meter between us, and our legs hanging over the side). This was one of the best moments in my life, as we made idle chit chat.

Afterward through skype I asked her whether this was becoming more than a friendship? her reply was she wasn't sure either.

I think I interpreted this in slightly the wrong way because several weeks later I was told. "I'm just interested in being friends bub."

A week later I sent her a message (some of you may find this funny) and in a round about ways I asked her to quantify her emotions and let me know what the fudge was going on. Because she seemed just as confused as me then completely adamant she wasn't interested in me.

Some additional information may help: I am really new all of this emotion and don't know which will win in the war between my heart and my head.

She is, well, Intelligent, Interesting, Funny, Big Hearted, and also quite attractive. Time flies when we are talking.

We haven't had sex and have no intention to before marriage.

Her parents are nice but really over protective when it comes to guys.

At the moment we have just come back into contact after a period of separation (3-4 weeks) because I noticed that she was deeply troubled by me and other unresolved Issues.

If she doesn't like me in that way I am fine with it, as long as we can continue to be friends and I know why. Others wise I will torturer myself over it. Which is why I am asking the question.

(Also I am 18 and she is 3 years my junior)

Thank you for your comment if you leave it. (No stupid comments).


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  • Well if she said she is not interested in you in that way twice then I would say she really isn't. But the first comment she made on the bed with you does through me a little, My suggestion is just ask her. Say "hey just wondering I know you don't like me like that but why did you say you weren't sure if this was still just a friend ship ether?"

    Good luck


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  • it's so hard to give christians advice because you are doing pretty much the exact opposite of what attracts a woman. I guess you should just make lots of money and pray to god all the time and maybe you won't end up alone

    • haha true that

    • What are we doing that is opposite?

    • Every single thing you did is wrong, from not getting sex out of the way as early as possible, to verbalizing feelings, to logically discussing love.