Should I call him in this case, guys?

I met this older business man like a month ago, he asked to see me again and asked for my number. I didn't give him then but asked for his name card instead. When he left I didn't really talk to him as I was working. I was shy to call him and was engaged in my work and own problems, so the thought of it had been put on hold...Should I still call him now or does it looks strange after a month? Guys I would like to hear from your view what you think?

Thanks guys... though I would love to have more responses and thoughts on this


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  • You can say that I had misplaced the card and found it today.Felt sorry that I didn't call I am calling up now...that wouldn't look strange...

    Since you are still thinking abt that guy, you should go ahead and talk to him.

    Let me imagine myself in that guy's position.

    I met you somewhere.I liked you, but not sure about what you were thinking.

    So, I asked you for your number,you refused but asked for my card instead.I gave it to you.

    Now it has been a month.There is still a hope that the girl I liked would call me up sometime...or maybe I'd accidentally meet her at some cafe...

    Now you have to decide about me...


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  • It wouldn't look strange, it would probably make his day if you called him! Just explain where you guys met and that you have been really busy.


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