When should I talk to him again? Please help...

I really like this guy and I'm 90% sure he likes me too. We are on break right now from college so we won't see each other for another two and a half weeks.

Every time we talk on Facebook, I am the first to initiate the conversation but he does talk back. But today when I messaged him, he went idle for a while and then signed off. I'm not sure if he saw that I wrote something or not?

Anyway, I think I need to ignore him for a little while so I can stop becoming so obsessed with him. And maybe he'll see that I won't wait around for him forever. Should I not talk to him at all until I get back from winter break?

So he messaged me on facebook saying that he's sorry he didn't get my message on facebook, I kept him waiting about a day and now he answers within a few hours! he said his mom made cookies and he'd take a picture for me lol like I have to see them...hehe
So I guess we're just messaging each other on facebook now instead of trying to catch each other on chat and we're talking about Christmas and such. I think I'm going to ask for his number
Geez, He started ignoring me again!


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  • Worth a shot. Have you given him any signals? If so, he's either nervous and trying not to seem like he wants to talk, or he's not interested. Are your conversations good? Does he seem engaged?

    • yeah he seems like really wants to talk to me and he even told my roommate he was going to talk to me but he didn't. I'm really almost sure he's interested

    • Yeah he seems like he wants to know about me and he tells me things I don't think he would bring up with just platonic friends. like he told me that where he works for no reason and stated that its not the one in town as if I was going to show up there...He also told me that he was once hit by a van which was really sad. But, I didn't know why he felt like he had to tell me this

    • Well, if he seems engaged in the conversation, ask for his number.

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  • What signals has he shown to make you 90% confident that he likes you

    • he's hit on me twice, refer to this question: link

      And he basically told my roommate that he likes me. Apparently he said I'm really pretty and fantastic to her.

      We've flirted on facebook and the one night I invited him down to hang out but instead he invited me to hang out with him and his buddies which doesn't really show that he likes me but he wants to spend time with me.

  • I am in the exact same boat as you but with a girl. I haven't talked to her in hopes she will contact me but she seems to be doing the same thing and it drives me insane.

    • I know! I can't stand it but I don't want to make too many moves and end up seeming weird

    • I would just talk to her but I don't want to come off as desprate or needy. on the other hand I don't think she will contact me first though.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. This guy says he likes me and stuff to other people but then he doesn't talk to me first online at least. He talks to me in person but maybe he just doesn't like chatting? oh well, I figure I'll just wait til I go home to see him again, but I hope by then he hasn't already lost feelings for me

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