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Does anyone know a way to actually make some contribute to a conversation w/o asking a lot of questions?


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  • Don't ask questions. In any given conversation, the one asking questions is the weaker one of the two. Plus when English speaking people ask a question, their voice raises at then end of the statement, and women hate it when a man's voice rises. It shows weakness.

    Witnesses that know information are asked questions. Criminals hiding a secret are asked questions. Cops and Lawyers have to find a way to get the people to spill the beans. That puts them in a position of weakness. They have to overcompensate with anger, confusing tactics, and threats to try and trick the person into confessing.

    Women respond better to statements as opposed to questions. They love drama and statements make you seem like you have an opinion as opposed to you interviewing them. Plus when you get them asking the questions, it puts you in the dominant positioin of the conversation.

    For example instead of:

    You: So, Jenna are you going to the homecoming game this weekend?

    Her: Maybe.


    You: Homecoming is gonna be crazy this year. You want to-- Oh wait. Nevermind.

    Her: Wait, what?

    You: Nah I was going to ask you to come with me, but I just realized I could do SO MUCH better.

    Her: Haha, wow you're a jerk you know that?

    You: (Put your hand over your hear like you're hard of hearing)What? I'm the best? Okay. I guess I can take you.

    See how in the second example, the girl was the one asking the questions? Women don't like to make decisions. They want to go along with yours most of the time, because it gives them the snug feeling they just went along and if anythign goes wrong it's not their fault. Very childish but true. No one can say it isn't.

    That's why you also never literally ask a girl out. She will always say no. You have to kind of get her to go along with it.

    You: Hey Kelly. You want to go to the movies with me this weekend?

    Her: Um, sorry. I'd like to, but I'm going to visit my brother at his college this weekend.

    You: But you don't have a brother.

    Her: Bye.

    WRONG. This is much better.

    You: You know I was thinking about going to the movies this weekend.

    Her: Really? What are you going to see?

    You: I don't know. Tropic Thunder, probably.

    Her: I herd that was funny! I want to see it.

    You: Cool. I'll pick you up around 7 on friday.

    • Hi, I was wondering the whole "the one asking questions is the weaker one of the two" thing - where did you hear that? Is there any link?

    • I think he got this from a magazine :O

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  • Asking questions is really the best way. Find a topic they're really passionate about and it should help to liven the conversation up a bit.

  • well, find a way to talk to the person in a subject they really like to talk about. what are their interests and be nice as possible. most of all, don't be shy to talk to that person.


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  • Being passionate about what you are talking about is the best way to keep a conversation going. As Carlos Santana says: "There is nothing more cantagious than enthusiasm." So when you talk about something, be interested in it yourself, talk about it like it is the coolest thing on earth.

    Be engaging, interesting and comfortable; people will be willing to open up and answer your questions in depth. Never do away with questions, just make things interesting and safe for people to open up and share their feelings.