Help me understand why everything falls apart so quickly?

So I'm asking the girls this question... I know I can read between the lines and figure it out, but I'm looking for something more concrete. maybe I'm just trying to be too guy-like about it and there is no concrete answer.

So I go out with a girl the other day. We'd gone out a couple of times and she'd always been really cool and would complement me and seemed really interested. She wasn't as touchy, but still interested. We both kind of opened up toward the end of this date, with her telling me it wasn't that she was disinterested but that she didn't do a lot of touching, kissing, etc. early on. I felt like we really connected and took down any of the pretense.

At the end of the date, I propose getting together again mid-week and she said that would be great. I drop her off and we get out of my car and she gives me a huge hug and kisses me. Not my absolute best kissing work (and she stopped me after awhile, in accordance with her "nothing too fast" policy) but she reiterated getting together again and that I'd call her. I text her to make sure she got home safely and get her standard very bubbly text about how she had a great time, thank you, and talk soon.

Now she's vanished. A phone message the day afterward to say "hi" and a text to confirm hanging out. Nothing. Maybe she'll turn up, but usually she's quick to get back to me. I realize I'm acting like a little girl but I felt like we both really opened up and showed that we liked each other a lot, and wanted to proceed taking things slow. I can't recall many girls who want to cut me off who kiss me at the end of a date. Is there some specific reason she'd have remorse and be too embarrassed to tell me? Is she delaying telling me she doesn't want to hang out again and is afraid to do so? I just don't get why you do all that stuff and two days later, nothing.

I feel like I'm 16...


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  • Well if she texted you that she had a great time and "talk to you soon" message, it would be weird if she wasn't interested. Maybe she's busy with something, lost her phone? There could be a lot of reasons, but if she's not responding to the text then you should just call her.

    • Yeah, I realize I'm being over-dramatic about it but everything with her has been much different than other girls I go out with. I called her first, since I don't care much for texting, and I texted as a follow-up to confirm our plans. Nothing yet, but you may be right... I just subscribe to the notion that an interested girl is never too busy to text back or even answer her phone.

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    • Yeah I'm that way too, but it can also mean that she's dating other guys or doesn't want to seem desperate. (playing hard to get)

    • Yeah, but I think that's what our whole talk was about, was opening up and that we aren't playing games. I'm not saying she isn't or even shouldn't be dating other guys for now, but we've both been pretty un-gamy up until now.

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