With things different than back in the day should?

I was looking up the proper way that a engagement should end and I think if I propose to a girl and she breaks it off we should sale the damn ring and move on with our lives I know that it was given it to her but it is stated that a engagement is a contact and that once the contract is broken then the unfaithful party should part with the ring. times change and so do the rules or lack there of what is the way you would do it?

  • Yeah the girl should keep the ring only if the guy cheats
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  • No the girl shouldn't keep the ring she promised to be faithful and she wasn't
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  • We should sell it and part way the money will be spend to mend my broken heart
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  • He gave it to me as a gift and I won't let him take it back
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  • Yeah he should get the ring back,if he wants it so bad
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  • If you are looking at it from a legal perspective, whomever proposed and purchased the ring is entitled to the ring back. Regardless of the grounds of the break-up because the couple was 'contemplating marriage' as you mentioned. More or less it is a contract so if he proposed and purchased the ring, he gets it back or vice versa for her.

    Now, if we don't look at it from a legal perspective, my stance is diverse. If he cheated on me, I'd keep the ring, sell it and keep the money. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve sh*t, and I wouldn't give him the ring or money since he couldn't keep his d*** in his pants. I wouldn't want to keep the ring at all because it would be a constant reminder of 'him.'

    If the girl cheats on him, then he keeps the ring and should try to get his money back.


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  • I think the girl, should give the ring back. If she does not have anymore feellings for her ex, just give it back.


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  • I know that legally the ring should be given back... But in some cases, dependant upon the interpretation of local law, it can be construed as a "gift". It all depends upon the local law jurisdiction. In the state of Michigan it is not classified as a gift. In Texas it is classified as a gift and is property of the one given to. It all depends...