She doesn't want to get married!!!

So, my cousin's been having this issue with her parents over marriage and she definitely needs some advice on how to handle the whole thing so I told her I'd post it on here and see if it helps. She typed out her situation and questions, so here it is:

I'm Indian and my parents want me to get married soon because I'm 25, but I haven't found someone I like and I DON'T want an arranged marriage! They've been trying to match me up with people online and I'm so mad cause I just found out and I hate that they're going behind my back and creating profiles in MY name with MY pictures! It's insane! Besides, I'm currently working on attaining a PhD in microbiology, and it's a lot of work, so they really can't blame me for not spending all of my time looking for a guy to marry. How do I get them to stop pestering me and how do I dissuade them from arranging a marriage for me?


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  • Hey I'm an indian guy and I will tell you something... I dated many girls and never found someone. My parents had me on the market and found a few girls for me to talk to... I was all against this until I started talking to some girls... there is a lot to learn... at some point you will feel that may be they are right.

    You should be happy that they are willing to let you talk to them for a while before making the desition. I have friends who were only alowed to meet for 5-10 minutes..

    I don't know if you were born and brought up in the usa but trust me on this just start talking to some guys and you will feel metter about it...

    also remember that at the end of the day arranged marriages last longer then love...

    now I'm feeling that if I just marry this girl I'm talking to right now, there is a better chance of my marriage lasting then if I went with one of my old girlfriends... and also you know how our society is when it comes to divorces...

    think about it...

    • Yeah, it's just she doesn't want to get married right now since she's busy with school( this isn't me, was my cousin's question). She lives in India, so she gets how it works, I think she was just upset that they went behind her back about it. Anyway, things are better now so it's all good. Thanks for your response :)

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  • she should bring home guys under the guise to get the parents to back off...make sure they are better than parental expectations as well

  • one more thing I would like to add on, arranged marriages are when you meet for 10 minutes and say yes or no... what your parents are going for you is finding you someone to talk to and then decide... I agree is not a love marriage either but its better then arranged.

    dont think that I'm orthodox or something but I answered this because I felt the same way you did a few months ago.


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