OK I need an answer that applies more to my situation :

Everytime I ask the question when do men realize they want to get married one of the most common answers I get is when he meets the woman he could see his self having kids with. What if they both already have kids from past relationships and she can't have anymore? But he is in love with her and he has said before that she is marriage material ?


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  • It just happens.

    When it happened to me I had been 6 months into the relationship, when I felt it: "I want to be with this woman for the rest of my life".

    it just happens when it happens. There's no clock on it.

    About kids, it all depends on whether he wants more kids. If he doesn't then there's no problem. If he does, then don't waste your time.

    Also keep in mind that "realizing" you want to marry your girl, is not the same thing as "proposing". Proposing takes years (to be sure your realization is not a mistake). We can't generalize, but if a guy proposes before the end of the 2nd year, he's kind of a risktaker


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