How do I get him to propose?

so me and my guy have been together for a year but know each other for 5 years and I am ready to be engages. I know I want to spend the res of my life with him. its not like I want to get married right away I just wan to more farther into our relationship with the comitment.please give me your opinion


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  • Drop hints, but never flat-out ask for a proposal, or you WILL have it backfire.

    A lot of us guys want to be prepared for that kind of commitment, be it financially or mentally, before pulling that trigger. All too often being rushed into a decision like that is the main reason why nearly half of the couples in the US divorce after all.

    Come back to us after you've hit the 10-year mark and he still hasn't proposed. Simply being on an exclusive relationship and getting to know people more, 5 years or no, is the right path to take, and no engagement ring or wedding plans will change that fact.


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