Marriage between relatives?

She is 27 and I am 32. We love each other so much. It's been like this for more than a decade now. We both know we can't live without each other.

We meet daily.Sometimes we discuss what lies ahead for us in the future, to say the truth we are afraid of it.

The problem is we are related. My grand mother's father is her grand mother's grand father.

Our society could reject us. But it's getting hard for us to get apart evn knowing this.

Do you think I should sacrify my love to please our family or sacrify the family to be with her?

Should we get married or say good by to each other and mourn for the rest of our lives.

Any one can answer me. But if I also get people with church and sociological know how I'd be happy.

I am confused.


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  • t don't see the problem because you guy are distance cousin. If you're first cousin, I would say is gross. There is no law out there say you cannot married your distance cousin. Franklin D. Roosevelt married in his distance cousin and she has a same last name as him. Yea there a risk of marrying your relatives because if you guy family have a bad disease and chance are you gonna pass to your children but you guy still are too distance anyway. Also Elizabeth II of United Kingdom are related to her husband so many times and they still have normal healthy children. Don't worry and it matter if she is love with you or not.Good Luck.


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  • You are distant relatives, everything is fine, go on with it and be happy

  • Hi,

    you are second-degree cousins, and you two getting married is not prohibited by law in any country.

    If you were first-degree cousins, i.e. you would share the same grand parents it would be prohibited.

    Legally you are allowed to marry.

    But if you decided to have children, your children have a higher risk of hereditary disease. There are about 3.300 such diseases known, one of the most common would be cystic fibrosis. I couldn't find out to what percentage this risk would be elevated in your case. It's best to consult a doctor on this, and maybe do genetic screening, or (but then it is too late) prenatal diagnostics.

    The social taboo exists for a reason, but the decision is yours.


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  • So, you have the same great-grandfather; that makes you guys third cousins I believe. This familial relationship is distant enough not to considered illegal but it may be some kinda taboo in your family beliefs.

    What's more important? Being together or being with family? I know that having both would be ideal but it appears that you may not have that choice, which you have already considered.

    What can you live with?

    If you remain apart, then the family has made the decision for you and you're unhappy because you don't have your love. If you stay together, then you have made the decision and you're unhappy because you don't have your family.

    So, do you want your family deciding your future, or do you want to decide your future?

  • hey man never give up family people are thre to oppose you never worry they will come close once you botyh get married but if you break down its difficult to lift yourself so please get married an dbe happy but get married soon