Secrets... I want to tell my family but he says don't?

OK so he pushed me out the balcony window. I have stitches on my arms which is probably going to be permanent.

he doesn't want me to tell my family because they will hate him, but I want TO TELL THEM.

should i?

what do you think they'll say?

God, what a dark way to start the new year. sorry for any bad typing because I am using only my left hand. happy new years everyone


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  • You should know better than this, you know. If he hurt you, you tell them. I'd tell the police, too.

    • thanks, I don't want him to go to jail. we are newly weds, and having my family hate him would just make our marriage harder. althou I hate keeping secrets. I am the type to have no secrets. the type to not want to lie...but he wants me to. this is hard on me.

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    • Undoubtable is right! Process the fact that he PUSHED YOU THROUGH A F*** WINDOW! That is not smth small! Seriously get some help!

    • Yesterday I called the chapel and told the chaplin he pushed me out the window and I need counseling. The chaplin got concerned for my safety and said he'd have to tell and get me help so I called to cancel the counseling for this morning. I can't let anyone know, I don't want my husband to go to jail or lose his job.

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  • Dear God! Why haven't you said anything? he pushed you off the balcony..imagine if this was one of your friends situation and her partner did that to her? what advice would you give her? I know that if it was me id tell my family or my sister and see her response to it first before telling everyone else. you don't deserve that I mean HE PUSHED YOU OUT OF THE WINDOW!? crazy. crazy. crazy. id tell the police as well. was he drunk? will he do it again? who knows? put your safety before the marriage.

    • he wasn't drunk. it was new years eve. I wanted to get a haircut and he didn't want to go. so we didn't. I wanted him to eat lunch but he only wanted to play video games. I wanted us to be together then he got mad and just pushed me really hard against the window. it was a huge cut on my lower arm and medium cut on upper. I was crying so hard. my arm hurt so bad. oh wells its done now and I still love him and not going to leave. I just wonder if I should tell my mom

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