Do I have a chance or should I try to forget him? Important for me...

I know this guy for about 4 months now, we first "met" on the Internet, but we also had a real date, what was really great. That was in September, and we had no contact for a long time now, until I wrote him again last week. And he was so nice, said that we should meet again and he kept sending me kisses. Now one week has passed and its the other way round- he is... Neutral. Its weird. Should I simply ask him, if he still wants to meet me again?

I really hope someones got an answer for me, because I am thinking waaay too much about him, and I need to know whether I should ask him if he still wants a date or not.


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  • Ask him once, and actually propose a date eg (something simple like)..hey, so when are you free to catch a movie :)...u don't have to say exactly that but the point is ask him out. That way you can test if he's interested or not. If he says yeh cool I'm free such and such day or he seems enthusiastic, then that is great and he is interested in seeing you.

    If he says anything like, I'll let you know or I'll text you later because I'm busy with work or any of those lame excuses its best to not get your hopes up and move on to the next :)

    • Nice to see that somebody else but me thinks that it's okay to aks him, for I heard quite often that I should forget him right away.

      I hpe I get the chance to aks him tomorrow. And maybe everything will turn out good.

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    • Oh, I really hope so! ;) I'll let you know!

    • sounds good, best of lukk :)

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  • wow, sept was a bit ago, if you really feel there is something there, you should be writing each other 2-3 letters a day and talking at least an hour a day

    • we wanted to meet again in september (he kept asking me) but than he was "unsure" if I meant everything I said. after that we had no contact- until now.