Please Critique My Girl Guide?

What's wrong with it?

1. Look a her eyes.

a. don't be creey though. Staring is creepy.

2. Wait for her to look back.

3. When she starts looking back, break out in smiling!

a. You will wan to be scared, but smile.

b. Don't overdo the smiling. It'll look forced.

4. If she doesn't smile back,

you are not welcome. Leave her alone.


redirect youreldt to be going right at her.

Note: You should not have been walking at her before.

5. Say hi!

ex/ "Hi, I'm Danny! I saw you sitting over here, and I thought I'd introduce myself."

6. If she ignores you,

you're done. Do not pass go, do not callect two hundred dollars.


she will say, 'Hi Danny, I'm ______'.

Continue with something conversational.

a. Preferably, something more interesting than 'what's your major?'

b. This is a critical point. It shows that you are more or less than you appear.

7. Ask for her number.

a. Don't forget to smile! It helps keep you from being creepy.

It makes you boyishly cute instead.

b. You can give her your number, but only if you got hers.

If she didn't give her number,

break off the engagement.

ex/ 'I understand. It was nice meeting you. Have a good one!'

otherwise, good job!

You got a girls number! This is significant!

8. You can talk a little more,

but don't push it too much.

Excuse yourself.

ex/ 'Gotta get to class, but I'm so glad I met you!'

9. Wait less than 72 hours (three days), and call her up!

a. Texting MIGHT be acceptable, but why risk it?

b. Its unlikely that they will turn down the date at this point,

because they gave you their number.

10. Reintroduce yourself, and ask if they want to do coffee or whatever.

a. The first date should be something none-threatening.

This means that they should be able to escape easily.

b. Coffee is a very good example.

c. You can ask whether you should pick her up, or if she'd like to meet there.

11. Conclude the call.

a. Its like a concluding paragraph, so summarize.

b. 'Great! So I'll see you there? [place]? [time]? Bye!'

12. If you're picking her up,

be on time.


be early.

13. Greet lady friend by name.

a. ex/ 'Hi [name]! So good to see you!'

b. Stand up to greet her if you're sitting.

c. Open doors and stuff. It's still nice.

d. Generally, be polite.

14. Get your food or whatever with her. Make sure you offer to pay!

a. She will probably let you pay.

b. If she says she'll pay, offer once more.

c. If she still wants to pay, let her. But not for you.

15. Get into the meat.

a. ask what she's into.

b. ask what she wants to do.

c. She will be helping at this point, so it should be getting easier.

16. When the food is gone, and she has a thin toothless smile, things are probably wrapping up.

a. Say 'well' and pause briefly, indicating finality.

b. You both stand, but don't stand first,

Okay, its a little truncated, but let's just go with this part.


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  • "Staring is creepy" lol

    call her that night or the next day.

    • You mean when I get her number or after the date? I did actually have a little post date part like that, but it got chopped off.

    • when you get her number, don't wait to call

    • Oh, right on! Alright. Might they want a textual message relationship first, or is it safe to 'make a move'?

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  • I don't think a fool proof script could ever be created. Every woman is different, which means, every situation will be different. So just role with whatever happens, be natural, be yourself.

    • Right. I didn't actually intend to use this as a script or anything, but rather I was hoping that this would be an example with solid principles. Thanks for the tip though!

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