Any guy been in a similar situation? What did you do to get through it?

Alright so I have this ex that I am still in love with we were together for 15 months unfortunately she is a doozy not a floozy which is why I am putting up with all the current bs.

She broke up with me 2 weeks later she was dating some kid a month later after nc they were a couple. she got set up with him by her new bbff who caused us to break up in the first place. she breaks up with him and has gone through like 3 guys one of which proposed and she said yes then no after all the emotions went away because she still loved me wanted to work things out.We live in a religious state where a lot of people after a month dating go get a ring and propose don"t ask me why its gotta be something in the water. Anyways she starts talking to my buddy starts telling him everything but still not contacting me says she is scared of how I will react and wants to know for sure that I really have changed and he isn't just blowing sunshine. She wants to wait at least until march we broke up in September before talking to me at least. She told him that if I start dating anyone even to just get out have fun it will tear her up and she won"t want me back. She is posting pics of her on dates, kissing the bastards, and just having fun trying to get me to break and call her first so she has a legit reason to run from me. If I don't play this game I know I will be kicking myself in the ass for the rest of my life but being stuck in this situation sucks hardcore.

I love her I really do and if I could get the woman I fell in love with back before meeting her bbff, get us back on track, I would have no problems whatsoever marrying her start saving for a ring again. I have almost 3 months to go before I possibly get to start talking to her but I can't date, can't flirt, can't start partying, she has people she knows at my work watching me, she has me by the twins and if I say no not playing your game she runs, if I contact her she runs, its a horrible manipulative situation and I honestly wish she was a floozy but she wasn't when I was with her granted that's how she is acting now. her philosophy is like the army when she was in it. Break him down to nothing and then make him earn everything back and he will be better then ever.


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  • "We live in a religious state where a lot of people after a month dating go get a ring and propose don"t ask me why its gotta be something in the water. "

    Translation: "Once we're married we can have sex, so let's get married!"

    On to your issue... are you insane? Why are you letting her manipulate you and walk all over you AFTER she dumped you?

    Look, she has zero respect for you. You're just a game to her. All of her BS about you not being able to date (while she is) is simply her mind-f***ing you for her own enjoyment.

    Don't blame this on her new bff or anyone else, she is her own person and this behavior has been there all along. This is who she is and don't expect her to change back into anything she was before.

    I really hope you wake up and stop letting yourself be p***y-whipped by a girl that isn't even your girlfriend!

    This is not the perfect girl. Don't believe the fantasy that your mind has built up. It's time to move on and get some self-respect back.


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  • What a B. you should probably just kill her

  • Take a long walk away from her. Some people are too stupid for their own good.

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