You know within 6-9 months of being together?

I've heard never give someone (bf/gf) more then a year together if your not sure if you want to be with them forever because you should know within 6-9 if you want to marry them or not. Do you think this is true?

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  • lol, no. You still learn a lot about your partner, even well after being together for 6-9 months. Plus, being "together" for 6-9 months doesn't say much about how much time you've actually spent with each other (you could be long distance, you might only see each other a couple nights a week, you might live together) and how close you are/how much you know about each other.

    Tons of people are together for that long, or even longer, and think that they would like to marry each other, but in the end, realize that they're not right for each other and break up.


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  • No.

    Just no.

    • What you need to know is: if you're feeling there are some behaviors, etc in the other person that you can't bear & you tried to talk about it but the person didn't change it,it means it makes a part of them&it means if you can't deal with it better let go cause you can't change people!You need to tell your partner that you're not sure of him/her.Honesty&communication are the best solution ! P.S: the more quality time you spend with a person who loves you the more pain he/she will have after break up

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  • i think this is ridiculous! lol and if you are living by this rule then you're probably missing out on some really great guys you were with.

    you should never be in a relationship with a motive, that will never work. you should be in a relationship because the person contributes to your life and makes you happy. they have fun with you and you have fun with them. you look forward to being with them and they look forward to being with you.

    Here's another bit of food for thought divorce is over 50% those people actually got married and thought they would get their happily ever after and they didnt... so forever is a very long time and there are no guarantees in life so giving yourself an expiration date with someone is a bad idea.

  • I consider this to be true since it has happened to me. I am currently engaged and it took me about 6-9 to decide wether indefinatly that I wanted to marry him. My first boyfriend I dated for almost 2 years but it turned out he didn't love me like I did him so it was kind of bad that he strung me along so long. Some people on here will say it's "too soon" but really people get married at or slightly under a year all the time. Age is a factor as well and as people get older the tend to wait less and less. And also, men will marry only when they think it's right; I heard a story of a man that dated a woman for 5 years and then broke up with her and ended up marrying a different girl 4 months later because he felt that it was the right time.