How old is too old for a guy to marry you? (What age would be your limit? What would his be?)

I'm curious about this, because I've seen girls say that 30 is too old for a guy to be a virgin, while others say that they would like it if he could wait until his wedding night. So, if he was waiting to get married first, how old would be too old for him to marry, in your opinion? What would be your upper age limit to wait to marry?


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  • your never too has no limits on age. Why are you waiting though? I personally would be a little freaked out by the lack of experience, but I also admire such devotion.

    • As I said, I believe in waiting for marriage. I don't think sex is something to be taken lightly, or shared with anyone but your spouse. I don't care if that sounds old-fashioned, because I believe it is right. I also know that there are plenty of people that still think this way, too, so it doesn't bother me. Lack of experience seems a very trivial and shallow concern, too, since if a couple truly loves each other, they'll be willing to learn together and take their time doing it. :)

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    • Thanks for the support! :) Well, don't you give up, either: whether this guy proposes to you or not, it doesn't mean he's your last chance at happiness, either. Maybe you should remind him of that sometime, so he doesn't take you for granted...

    • thank you, I am focusing more on myself right now...hopefully he will get the hint that I am planning a future with or without him. he's a wonderful man, but 4 years is a long investment...we shall see! good luck to you!

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  • uh... there is not such thing as too old to marry. If you are still alive it's all good.


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  • why would you ask a question like that? No such thing as 'too old for marriage'... besides... 30 is a great age for a man- period... he has finally gotten a handle on life, what/who he is... he has truly become a man... and women, now more than ever, want a MAN in their lives...