My boyfriend asked me to marry him?

well I met my now boyfriend 6 months ago and he always said he wanted someone to wife up, I alwyas laughed about it and didn't take it too seriously, and last night he proposed, the thing is that I'm 16 and he's 17, I tell him we are way too young plus I don't want to want to get married right now, I haven't given him an answer,... should we break up?


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  • And if you say yes, the next thing you will hear is "Let's have sex, seeing as we are going to get married anyway" LOL

    Seriously, how can you or him even consider something like marriage at that age? You still have a lot of life's lessons to learn.

    In addition to that, how is he going to support the 2 of you?

    I'm definately not going to tell you to break up with him, but just be very carefull with what you decide. If he is really that into you, then rather have a (very) long engagement than getting married now.


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  • I don't know that you should break up, but I'd find some way to let him know that you don't think it's a good idea so young.


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  • yah at that age, you don't really know who you are or what you really want.

    my guy and his ex dated around your age and then they started living together and he wanted to marry her. He couldn't see that she was so different from him and she wanted to party, go to raves and clubs, drink a lot, and dance with other guys and have sex with random people and have fun basically. He was on the other hand, a home body. he didn't know what he was going to do for college, didn't know how to get money for a living (he was living with her at her mom's boyfriend's house). Anyways, I call the place he lived at a whore house because he was working third shift and she (his ex) had people over all the time to have sex with her. Plus her sister had numerous guys sleep with her. So people all over town saw her sleep with numerous guys at hotels, and she was a total slut but he wanted to marry her. Not saying that you are a slut. Just saying that at a young age you highly don't know who you are and what you want yet.

    I didn't start dating until I was 24 and my guy and I married right away so he is the only guy I slept with, but I made sure I was done with college, experienced the real world for a few years before I realize who I was and what I wanted.

    I am not saying that you should be like me, or that all people should go through it this way. Do what works for you.

    All I am saying is that, usually people when they are young do not know who they are yet or what they want.

    And if you stick with him will you think you are going to miss out on anything?

    Don't regret what you do. I've heard stories like girls who feel they lost their teenage years because they tied down too quick and didn't get to explore or have fun. So I say take your time to learn more about yourself. Unless you really think you know everything about yourself and what you want, and you really don't care about exploring and having fun your teenage years.