Year and 4 month relationship down the drain or no? please help

me and my ex have been going out since October of 09 and after at least 200 breakups ( all lasted a day or two ) we have gotten so fed up with each other and the fights that we decided to end it for good.. at least I did.. ( she agrees to it to and says to f*** off) and now I don't know what to do. I mean she's been my everything and I've been her everything but its harder for me to move on since I have no one to go to and she has friends and her cousin to talk to. I was a bit of and asshole and jerk at times but I was the nicest guy she's met and took her on dates, gave her presents randomly, love notes and everything. but she's just fed up and so am I . we have also talked about marriage and going to the same college and by the way we are 16. we thought about our future all the time because we haven't been in love like this. I can truly say this is her and mines first true love that will stick forever. if she loves me will she try to come back? she's already being calm and said goodbye and like take it easy and have a good life and stuff like that...ladies help me.

btw I'm muslim and my parents do the anrranged marriage sh*t and I'm not trying do that ...and this girl I really like and I love to death and we exchanged rings and stuff and we were thinkging of marrying in college.
theres not that many girls in my culture that are in my area and stuff and that are good looking. so this one was a catch but I don't know what to do. I don't wanna marry a stranger like my parents want!


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  • How long have you guys been broken up this time? It seems like if you guys broke up more than 200 times, you're the only one who knows her well enough that you should be asking yourself what to do

  • This is going to sound rude... but you're 16. You're going to look back on this in 5 years and shake your head at yourself.

    Clearly if you "broke up" that much the relationship was not working. It doesn't matter that you talked about marriage or the future, you will have those same conversations with lots of girls before you actually settle down.

    Yes you could potentially try and "make it work" again with her, but really that's only because you'd both be lonely and scared to be single. The result would ultimately be the same and you'd be in this situation all over again.

    It's time you begin to move on and realize this is not your soulmate. You are going to meet a lot of women in your life and have much deeper relationships than this one.

    Try and occupy your time with friends, family, hobbies, school, video games, etc. Anything really that will help take your mind off of your ex.

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