What's the difference between a bad texter and not being interested?

I'm texting this girl, and I always feel like I'm keeping the conversation going or starting new topics. She's just sort of agreeing and going along with it. But if I don't text her for a while (because I have no clue what to say next), she'll text back, making me think she really is interested.

What do you think?


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  • The fact that she texts back shows she doesn't want the conversation to end...she likes talking to you


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  • She is texting back so she likes you and is interested. As long as she continues to contact you she is interested.


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  • I'd say she's interested to the point that she wants you to chase her. But if she's giving you one-line responses, I'm guessing she doesn't give a crap about the stuff you're blabbering to her about.

    Better idea coming from me is this:


    -See her in person and have FUN with her. Just have FUN! Because I tell you what - if you can't manage to have a good time with this girl, in talking back and forth and flirting with her (teasing her, challenging her, asking her questions and further sub-questioning, and getting into girl talk with subjects of relationships, social interactions, and sex if you get connected and comfortable with her enough).

    Forget about banging this girl, no matter how pretty she is. Also, don't kiss her butt to much. If things feel great between you two, such as chemistry and rapport, feel free to pay for her because she's earned it.

    Or else if she's not giving you good answers, and not engaging in conversation, its your move to end the date/hang-out session and move on to the next girl.

    Just go with how you feel, and call the shots. But honestly, don't be a boring dud who takes the date seriously with an interview. Just have fun any way you can.