Why is he still on my mind? Should I pursue him?

I was engaged to him about 7 years ago. We broke up about 4 years ago. He is the love of my life. But I had moved on since then (kinda) and so has he (kinda). Now he has a baby with a girl he says he can't see being with for the rest of his life. We still deeply love each other. We have fooled around while we were both in other relationships. We have still expressed our love for each other. Recently, I told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore and it was best for everyone involved. I didn't want to be involved with him while he is with her and they just had a baby. I knew I was being a home-wrecker. But I STILL cannot stop thinking about him. I just want to know how he is doing. Is it wrong for us to continue to have contact? Should I pursue him?


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  • Dang sounds like something I went through a while back but maybe because you two were together for so long you stay with the doubt of what could of been more.But consider he's a different state of mind now being a dad and what not are you will to deal with the baby and mama drama.