What do you do with liars? Adulterers? If they were your family? Spouse?

Well here's the story of my sister's life:

1. She dates a guy who has a wife, and possibly a kid (we don't know, they met online and he was from Alaska)

2. She gets him to move to where we live and they ditch home (she is 17 at this time)

3. My parents told her not to steal someone else's husband, they tell her that she is having sex outside marriage which isn't good. They will support her but only after his family marries her to him. She doesn't care. My parents beg and beg, after a year their family comes to marry her (we are Asians, so this is the correct way). She already has a 1 year old with her at this time.

4. yeah, he doesn't work. He never finished high school. He doesn't care about her, or the kid. He steals all her money and hits her. She starts to cheat on him with other guys.

5. There is a divorce, his family is called from in Alaska to come to our state/home to talk about the finalization of why there is a divorce. My sister LIES to everyone that she is NOT cheating. My family and church says yeah, they believe her when they have caught her red handed lying and cheating! He ex husband's family says, OK but he says you cheated...

6. Now on facebook and every where I t is very obvious that she has been cheating with this other guy during her marriage! So, my family wants me to not talk to her anymore and not support her because she is now a liar and a cheater. What should I say to her? I am the only person she is talking to at this time (from our family/church).

Thanks for your answers...


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  • 1. Don't care; his marriage is his affair.

    2. Not too bright on his part, but otherwise, see 1.

    3. Marrying him, bad idea. Having his kid, *very* bad idea. We should not marry stupid people, much less have their children.

    4. Dealbreaker, red flag, dealbreaker, dealbreaker, red flag... Forget cheating, this is an instant divorce. (Some girls say the first marriage is practice.)

    5. It doesn't matter, at all, whether she's cheating or not. He's a loser, she's out--end of story. (And why is his family and her family and the church involved? *She* leaves *him*; the remainder are useless noisemakers.)

    6. Again, doesn't matter.

    What do you say to her? "Congratulations on your divorce. Please be more careful picking your men next time. Hope you learned something." Then, let the matter die.

    As for the peanut gallery, maybe she's better off not talking to them.

    • why is family/church involved? In our culture marriage it involves everyone. Well church/family does not like divorces, and so they tried to settle it. Well now when his family sees that church/family is a liar, they will demand recompensation since when married they paid 5K dowry and when divorce, whoevers fault they have to pay etc. Plus if my sister lied and church/family backed her up, church family is going to look bad and kick her out of the church/family. thanks for answering though

    • Dowry? They still have those?

      A 17-year old is about to get married to jobless adulterer she just met. Everyone agreed, I hope, that it was an extremely bad match. The best way to avoid divorces is to AVOID STUPID MARRIAGES, especially those that involve a $5,000 dowry(!) The people who let that fly wouldn't hold much credibility with me, and I doubt they hold much with your sister, either.

      Again, if the peanut gallery cuts her off, better for her; they're none too bright.

    • yes in our culture there is dowry. The church/family tried really hard to make her and him break up but they couldn't so that's why the ran away and moved to a different city near by (2 hours from hometown). My sister chose her exhusband over church/family. church/family helped her get a clean divorce, but now it is not so clean since she cheated. I'm suppose to not talk to my sister anymore and I have a hard time telling her this. She will hate me... no one is talking to her already.

  • Walk away from every one of them. If they follow you, call the police. If that doesn't work, kill them.

    • um... they are family and church members. There is a 3 year old boy involved in all this mess. I am the one my family is talking to me to talk to her and I live overseas with my husband! I have to be the middle man, so I don't know what to say to her or to my family or to my church or to her ex husband or to her current guy. They are all talking to me to talk to them... I don't know I am so confused on what to say! Thanks for your answer though!

    • He's trolling. Funny, though. +1

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