Dumped by a separated man for his wife...?

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We were pretty much perfect together, never fought, great sex, VERY compatible. We have both never been happier. We agreed to be brutally honest with each other. He dumped me because he told me he loved me and I got scared. I was in a relationship for 7 yrs. while his marriage is barely hitting 3 years TOTAL(dating&married) I've only loved one other man. blahblah I got dumped because his kid (1 yr) wouldn't go to him when he went to visit him anymore. he's a family man and told me "if I'm going to be doubted, might as well go back to my wife so I can be with my kid" he told me he was not in love with the wife, but was with me, yet he dumped me. will he come back?


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  • I think you should leave him alone so the kid can have a father and a mother.

    I am sorry that you were in love with him, but I think it is best that since he is married and has a kid for him to work on that marriage.

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