He told me to text him, but he doesn't seem to want me to... :/

There's this guy I was kind of seeing.. We've hung out a few time & kissed a fair bit. Then when we talked before our Christmas break, he said for me to text him over the break.. So, I texted him probably 3 times over the 2 weeks we had off & each time I texted, he would reply, but he would take half an hour or so to do it.. Our conversations ended up being so boring because of this.. He was never the one to initiate the texts even though he told me before that he wanted me to text him... Is he just lazy? Was he just telling me to text him to be nice? Am I a sh*tty texter? Was he busy during all of those time I texted him? Or is he just not interested anymore...? :\


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  • 1. He's not interested, you're just the thing he does when he's bored. 2. He is busy, but if you text, he replies after 30 mines, then you reply, and it takes him another 30 min to reply? Then he just doesn't care.

    • Thank you! Although this was the last thing I really wanted to hear, I'm glad you told me.. I was suspecting it, but really hoping I wasn't right... :( See, this is like my first real relationship, he was my first kiss, so I just really wanted it to work out.. We get along amazing in person, I just don't get why he's so turned off now... :( oh well, thanks for your point of view, I really do appreciate it.. :)

    • Anytime *bestansrawr*

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  • He likes you so don't take that personally however, he doesn't want to invest too much time into persuing you. Sorry but its the truth. When a guy is INTO you he texts back right away, no question. So this guy is establishing a "friend" boundary. But he must like you enough as a friend to at least text you back cause he wants to let you know he is there.. but NOT there. Like "dont' be thinking I like you more". If you want it to be more... well stop texting him. Give him a chance to decide if HE wants more. If you stop texting... and he may text a silly "hey" and you don't reply say, a couple days later, play him at his own game, he may wake up and think he doesn't like that andmaybe engage you more.. or he texts "hey" you text him 2 days later a generic reply, he takes another day or so to respond... there is your answer. FRIEND and nothing more. Sorry! Too many fish in the sea.. go get your fishing rod lol! good luck