Should I tell this guy that I am into him?

So there is this guy at my school who I am really into. He's two years older than me, and is leaving for college next year, but I really like him. Recently we have become really good friends, and he seems sort of into me, but he has a lot of friends who are girls, and I worry that he thinks we are just friends. He seems into me, and he is pretty physical with me, but I'm too afraid to tell him that I am into him. Should I tell him, or just go on being friends?


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  • it depends on the person, but I think its best to always be non verbal about that stuff. don't tell him you are into him, just make it obvious by your actions. I hate it when girls verbalize they like me. it causes problems either way. if I don't like the girl that much, now I'm thinking "uhh ohh, how do I let her down easy and stay friends?", and if I do like her I'm thinking "darn, why did she have tell me, I was already guessing as much, but was enjoying the sexual tension, now its not as much fun"

    assuming that you have already made it very clear you are into him by your actions, leave it be.

    just be available, and ask him if he wants to hang out and do something.

    i wouldn't ever say "i like you, I'm really into you, I love you" unless you are proposing girlfriend/boyfriend or marriage, and he should be initiating that in the first place!

  • I think that you should tell him.


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