Does she love me or she wants some fun?

I met a gal almost a year back, I proposed her in the first week we met, she talks to me every day since I met her, every day we talk almost half a day. she shares her personal stuff with me, she gets jealous when I speak about some other gal will not talk to me nicely for 2-3 days. she says she likes to argue with me, she gets damn serious if I say anything wrong. If I ask her whether she loves me she says she is not interested in any relation? What the heck is wrong with this gal?


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  • In my honest opinion she is a wacko...Please don't take offense but I know people in a relationship where the chick really liked to argue with her boyfriend which happens to be my brother and trust me it isn't a good one. She seems to show feelings toward you because of the fact she gets jealous,but trust me bro I'm helping you out by saying DON'T DO IT! I know you probably love her as seeing you proposed to her in the first week you met. But it takes time to really get to know someone and you never truly know someone especially if you don't live with them. Do what you do but don't say I didn't warn you. Please don't take any offense to any of this just seen it a thousand times what you should do is tell her straight up I don't like this arguing thing (assuming you don't like it)and tell her how you don't like her judging(if you don't like it) you by everything you say and then if she tries to argue then don't talk to her for a couple of days or so and see if she misses you enough to come to you and may work something out. Sorry if I didn't help.

    • no problem... you seem to be correct, its your opinion wt you said, thanks...

    • anytime good luck...hope things get better for you sorry it was a whole novel.

  • maybe she feels really comfortable with you and has been hurt in the past so she doesn't want to be hurt again

    • Nopes, she has no past relations,

    • tht might explain it then if she has no past relations then maby she doesn't know how to be in one so she runs from it. I don't know just a thought.

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