Should I dump my new "boyfriend?" Do greeks have arranged marriages?

There is a guy that I've liked for 3 years who is completely out my league (according to his friends) they tell me I can't get him with my either wordly goods (high paying job, looks, body, social status) or spiritual goods (seeking god's face, humbling myself, making a contribution to society and possessing an excessive amount of love for others). These are the two types of woman that he is attracted to. and the two types of woman that he dates. We started kissing and making out on a regular basis. He wll not have sex with me because I'm a virgin, and I won't sleep with him because he doesn't love me. so we do everything within limits. Now the problem with this guy is that he thinks he can find someone better and doesn't take me seriously. as a girlfriend.

There is another guy Kamil who never graduated form highschool, he thinks I'm a lot smarter than him, and asked me out two days ago. I agreed to go out with him but my friend says he's only using me for sex. He told me on our first meeting that he divourced his wife on her wedding night (arranged marriage) because he discovered that she wasn't a virgin. My friend says he just wants to have sex with me because I'm a virgin and that he doesn't actually like me. He told me he really liked me, and I thought "well he never graduated from highschool, so he must have really low standards, he's settling for what he can get." My friend says he can't possibly like me that much after only meeting me 3 times (I'm obese and not especially pretty or smart) and that he is only saying that to get into my pants. I believed my friend. and have now been ignoring his phone calls for two days. He told me has an arranged marriage with another girl next september but that he wants to date me to see if he can find a wife without going through the traditional avenues of courtship. Also, he only calls me once every two weeks. and doesn't do anything unless I reciprocate interest. so what do you think? Also he says he's catholic, and that he has arranged marriages because he's greek. but I know for a fact. muslims have arranged marriages. and he doesn't like greek or ruissan he looks INDIAN. so I think he's lying about both his religion and his race.


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  • just forget this guy and move on . looks like all crap


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