Do you think its foolish to believe a man in an affair will leave his wife?

If a married man has been having a sexual and emotional affair for two years, and claims to be completely in love with the girl, do you think he will leave his wife eventually like he says? He says the only reason he's been sticking around is because of his kid, but he realizes that he doesn't want to stay unhappy and resentful in his marriage, and he is planning on filing for divorce very soon. Do you think he will go through with it and leave his wife for the other woman, and if he does do you think its possible they will be a better match than he and his wife were?


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  • That chance is slim to none and if he does I hope he cheats on you with another woman you homewrecker.

    • Harsh. But I agree, women in that position are homewreckers.

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    • You can be vile and mean if you want to, but at least get your grammar straight. It should be "women who don't see ANYTHING..."

    • Listen as long as I speak the truth and a woman wants to understand she will. But if you are also a homewrecker broad, you will find grammar and spelling mistakes which mean NOTHING. good luck with your homewrecking ways and Karma is a bigger b*tch than you. Remember that.

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  • how about you blow me and you stop worrying about this guy?


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  • No he probably will not. As being a better match maybe but most of them time they don't leave their wives.