How to propose to girl?

i want to propose one girl how can I

propose girl


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  • I like how you frased your description 'one girl' I hope so :P

    Make it from the heart, that's all that matters. So its the perfect time, perfect place and make it come from your heart! Somewhere were you guys have a secret place or love so much. Or where you first met. Somwhere quiet? Its up to you the popsibilities are endless!

    Just let it be personal and from the heart.

    Goodluck, hope it goes well for you. Hope I helped


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  • Do everything you can to plan for the moment. Plan for the little things that make her smile. Go somwere she will truly love and be as romantic as can be. Then when the moment is right pop the question...hopfully she says yes and if you two really do love each other then you have nothing to worry about