Can he just really walk away after ten years? Guys I need your opinion.

My ex and I were together mostly almost ten years engaged as of last year we had a bad fight one night and broke up I moved out I tried everything to try to fix things but he says he just not happy well we have a son together he gets him every other weekend so we have to communicate after two weeks of being separated he starting dating another girl a week later he moved her and her two kids in w him this is a girl he used to called nasty and now he's with her he went back to bad habits and she complains to his family all the time about how she's not ready to settle down she's tired of an old man and of her kids. He gave her a ring it has been almost six months since we broke up five months they have been together he tells everyone he loves her and she's a challenge he tells me he's happy everyone that is around them says all they do is argue help I love this boy we have been together since I was sixteen I'm 26 I don't know how to fix things with him I miss him


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  • My girl of 10 years just left me 3 months ago, we were 16 when we moved in together. What are the chances of that!

    It sounds like he may have had this other woman in his sights before he left and the argument was a convenient excuse. Hard to hear, I know. I may be wrong as well as I only have the info you gave.

    If he is engaged to this woman you only have one choice, move on. I'm sorry. It must be so hard for you to watch this happen, and the way this guy did this seems ultimately disrespectful.

    Consider this: Are you in love with this guy or simply in love with what you think this guy is? He doesn't sound like a prize to treat you this way, and let's face it, if you have been with him that long you weren't able to experience what love may be with another man. You never know if you get yourself out there you may find a love that you never imagined possible.

    I really feel for you as I am experiencing something very similar, she left me for another man too. Please take care of yourself and your children, don't involve them in this. I know you are probably very depressed and heart broken, I am too. You're not alone. Message me anytime if you need to talk about it.

    You are a valuable person and you deserve to be loved. Don't forget it.

  • you should go clubbing and meet guys. get a little ONS action mabe if your lucky one will want to see you again. Its easy to offer them sex


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