How do you feel about the $700 Billion bailout proposed by the President?

I believe that 700 billion of our taxpayer dollars should NOT go to bailing out these companies that got too greedy and put their money into risky locations. The same time a year ago all these CEOs got million dollar bonuses and packages for the GREAT job they did, while I got a $100 Christmas bonus for breaking my back delivering items for my company.

Meanwhile, the government allows some laid off doorman, construction worker, truck driver, plumber and iron worker to loose his house to foreclosure. It's a disgrace.


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  • frankly our country is spoiled.

    the hard working person, the people who actually Produce products make the least.

    yet there are TONS of people who tell this worker how to do his job!

    ever wonder why america has so may imported products? from foods, to electronics?

    SLAVE LABOR.aka below min wage is legal so long as its happening out side US borders!

    I am a lowly PC tech, I build and fix PCs for the company I work for, and I am the lowest paid person in the place, but if I don't do my job, NO one in the company can do theirs, which pretty much ALL they do is tell people how to do their jobs.nothing but a bunch of Directors and managers! none of them actually produce a tangible PRODUCT

    lawyers.consult, and represent, and barter.but they don't produce a product, they provide a service! and what is a service? service is just doing something which you cannot or will not do yourself. if you WENT to law school, you would not NEED a lawyer!

    Insurance companies, they also are Service. but now all they do is look for ways NOT to provide the service for which they are over paid so they can keep the money and not do a thing to earn it.

    • A plumber will always have value, he has a skill always in demand.

      a lawyer is useless if he has no one to sue.

      frankly we NEED another Great Depression. it reminds America who to value.

      lawyers, insurance, pharmacetucals, and CEOs who never lift a finger...its the hard workers who produce products who in the end run the show.

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  • i don't like the bailout plan either. after all it is our taxdollars that should go towards creating more jobs, funding schools, etc. I mean when did they ever propose to take out a chunk of money to help the people? even during the period of high gas prices. and now the government using billions of dolalrs to trying to save big investment companies from their own carelessness and irresponsibility in spending, investing, etc.? why did they not monitor those companies better before, instead of letting them do w/e they want? this administration is shitty


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  • I am not enthusiastic. The bailout is to buy the forclosed houses, then sell them later. I am not sure if this strategy will work. I don't want the national debt to increase anymore. I am affraid it will make the dollar drop in value again. Paulson is trying to prevent the Great Depression all over again, but I am not sure if this strategy will work. He is trying to keep all of the banks from colapsing, but I am not sure if this bailout is necessary. The stock market crashed in 1987 and their was no Great Depression. So we have seen a similar situation before.

    The people who lose their houses should blame themselves. They are the ones who singed that mortage and they should have known if they were going to be able to make their payments on that or not. And they are the ones who agreed to sign an adjustable rate mortage instead of a fixed rate mortage. I like the idea of giving homeowners at risk of foclosure to refinance at a lower fixed rate, but I don't like the government buying a million houses. I don't want government to expand. It is already too big as it is now. The $700 billion bailout will only increase the size of government further.

    But I think the banks who lended mortgages to people with low credit deserve to fail. The banks who were smart and had stricter rules for lending money deserve to become the market rulers after this mess has subsided. I don't think every bank will fail. I don't think there will be an entire collapse of every bank in the USA. So I don't like the bailout. I don't want it to happen.

    I am interested in what will be said in the comming presidential debates very soon.

  • What you say makes sense and is logical, but the problem is it only touches the surface. The truth is that, thanks to our economy's dependancy on the stock market, if these companies go down, they'll take the economy out with them. They are, in essence, in a can't lose situation because when they do well, they get rich, but when they do poorly, the country is forced to throw money at them because so much of our economy is riding on them.

  • I think the main problem is that if these banks aren't bailed out, the people you're advocating for are going to lose a LOT more money.