Am I right to be hurt?

ALL PHONE TEXT b/f's name is Josh

josh- Can I ask you a question without you being scared?

Me- Yes

josh- Would you want a fancy wedding or a small one?

Me- Doesn't matter that's not what weddings are about. You?

josh- I would want something kinda fancy. You know show your family I'm not broke your in good hands.

Me- Ha yea

josh- Wouldn't it be tacky if someone proposed in a text?

Me- Yea. lol. I've seen it done on Facebook before.


"like this..will you marry me?...

that'd suck.. lol

I cried for a bit because I couldn't believe it was so sweet. but then I noticed the "that'd suck lol" I feel like an idiot and I'm really hurt that he would joke about that.. Should I really be offended? The crazy thing is he has mentioned something about marriage to me in prior months. What's his deal? Should I be hurt?


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  • Well its little weird but you don't need to hurt yourself, He just express his feelings in different way,

    but make sure is he right person. if he is , so marry him :)


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