Which ring would you prefer?

If you were going to propose, or if you were going to be proposed to, which ring would you prefer, a ring that's been in his family for a long time, or a bran new big fancy ring, and why?

I myself would prefer a ring that's been in his family, because I would feel honored to get something so special.

on the other hand, the big diamond rings are pretty to have and show off, but I would still like the passed down one.

  • A passed down ring
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  • A new ring
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and guys- which would you give your girlfriend?


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  • Bah, women and their jewelry :\ how shallow :P

    • lol I didn't ask to be shallow, just honestly curious.

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    • Lol *humans* are shallow. Men and women. I feel the same way when guys are talking about how pretty a girl has to be, what size, what height, what boob/butt size. It's all shallow! lol we just care more about material things and you guys care more about physical things.

    • @OP: I have no idea, it really depends on the girl I end up with and her personality. Whether a ring in the family (I don't really know of any) would be right for her (in style and whatnot), an entirely new one, or the old one altered a bit with a new setting or stone or whatever.

      @vmw true enough men can be shallow. But over shiny useless objects? Not quite in that way, haha. I'd say caring about physical is less shallow than material things. But, I don't even carea bout either that much.

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  • A new ring, its a start of a new chapter and you don't want old thoughts/memories involved, especially if your girlfriend isn't too keen on your family..just saying? it happend to me in the past, I wasn't too thrilled.

    • well it depends on the situation. obviously if you aren't keen with the family you wouldn't want a ring to remind you of them. I understand your point though

  • A family ring. (:

  • Family ring :)