How do I stop getting attached?

I'm currently dating someone for about 2 months now. And he is basically like they say in spanish media naranja. Meaning my other half. I truly love him and you would think, "oh two months.? They don't know what love really is. Its too soon to be able to love each other" but we share a deep connection. Its crazy how in those few months we have connected to much. But now I'm recently observing that I am getting too attached to him. I can actually say I am sprung and I don't like it. I don't want him to be my whole world. I want us to be one but yet I still want our own separate lives. How can I get less attached to him?


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  • been in the same situation with my current girlfriend. best thing I can suggest it go out with some of your girl friends one night and him go with his lad mates and just do that once a week and not touch your phone while your out and then give him a ring when you get home. there is no harm in getting too attached just shows you love them. the problem I see is that your spending a lot of time together and maybe you should spend a night or two apart from each other a week with your friends it will help you appreciate the time you spend together more. I know this through experiance me and my girlfriend haven't been better since we started doing this and I am going to propose to her over Valentine's weekend


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