Wedding Ring Shopping?

Ok, I want to know people's opinion on the girl helping the guy buy the engagement ring, obviously before the proposal.

I mean, I get that they are in love, and that buying an expensive ring is a big purchase that should be made carefully, but has it gone out of style to surprise the women with the ring and proposal? Isn't the ring a symbol of the man's love? Shouldn't the guy pick it out? Does it lessen the impact of the proposal if she knows its coming and knows what the ring looks like?

Lastly, is there any happy medium between letting her go ring shopping with you and surprising her with the proposal and ring?


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  • I notice this as well, the women picking out jewelry/ring shopping...I personally think the guy should pick it out. I think the guy should pick out any jewelry he is buying for her. That's just me pesonally though. My bro's girlfriend picks out EVERY peice of jewelry he buys her, I on the other hand, never told any of the guys what I like, its more special & meantingful to me when they pick it themselves...and its bad can they really do!?! Aslong as its yellow gold, I'm good to go! =)


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