How long do you think you should wait before proposing or asking her to marry?

I wanna go ahead and say that I'm not with this girl but I'm thinking we'll very likely get together

I know this may sound weird but.. Even though we haven't gotten together, we were close for a long time and I just feel like she's the one I wanna be married to later on in life...


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  • a year or two is deffently not enough. I don't know how long you guys have known each other, or how she feels/acts towards have to try being in a relationship with her first, to even see if things work out there.if it doesn't work for at least a year it might be a sign.but who knows you guys can get back together or be close friends all depends, sorry this came out confusing

  • like patty from Millionare Matchmaker always says, never wait longer then a year to get a ring. if you don't know that you wanna be with her after a year, somethings wrong


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