She's engaged to be married in 5 weeks.

I met this girl and we really hit it off. I mean really hit it off. She's thinking about calling the wedding off and I know that from the bottom of my heart I'm in love with her. I didn't know she was married or I wouldn't have talked to her, she thought I knew so it was all a misunderstanding I guess you could say. I don't want to be the reason she calls off the wedding but at the same time I love her and don't want to let her slip away..what if she's my one? I'm just really confused on what to do and I'm sure she's even more confused. I know what I should do (leave her alone and let the marriage go on as planned) but I also know what I want (to be with her and make her happy) I just really need some good advice..anyone every been in this situation? I mean there is a ton of details to it but that's all I really want to say for now. Please please please please help me out.


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  • Definately a complicated relationship. First off I think you should tell her how you feel, then I think (even though it would be hard) just leave her alone to think about it. Its hard to admit but this decision is honestly out of your hands...she has the hardest decision to make and it would show her how much you truly care about her to let her make this decision on her own. She needs to know how you feel in order to make an informed decision about the rest of her life. Then whatever she does choose you can live knowing she did what she wanted to do and that in the end that's best for both of you. You wouldn't want to start a relationship with someone always thinking 'well maybe I should have married that other guy'. I hope everything works out for you either way!

    • That's exactly what I did...she knows how I felt and I've backed off but she keeps persuing me. I think I'm just going to let it go as hard as it may be. There is just way too many additional details to put on here : / I really appreciate your input though, thank you.

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  • "She's thinking about calling the wedding off... "

    Why? Because she likes you? Because she hates her fiance? Other factors?

    "...and I know that from the bottom of my heart I'm in love with her." long have known her exactly? It sounds like you two just met.

    "I didn't know she was married or I wouldn't have talked to her..."

    She's not married...yet.

    What happens if she dates you, then five weeks before your wedding, she meets someone else?