Fiance and I are taking a break but with contact...

We broke up mutually recently after 2 years because we were both headed towards a boring relationship with little intimacy,

She just got a place of her own close to me (we used to live together), and talks about getting together most weekends, like date nights.

She also hinted that if one of us wants to spend the night at the others, it would be very "exciting".

Are we just trying to go back to the dating phase where things are exciting and unpredictable?

We get along great and both know it will be hard to find someone as good, but didn't wanted to keep going down the same road.

What do you all think?


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  • If she's "Taking a break" then I would get the Ring back man. Being engaged is her promising herself to you and if she Can't take that before she even gets married then she will leave after you get married. I don't get the point of "dating" when your engaged. Because dating is her hooking up with other people again and that goes against the entire point of being engaged again...

    Its either you 2 want to be together for the rest of your lives or you dont. no back and forth nonsense. Sure if she wanted space to do her own thing like hobbies,and friends then that's not really a problem but to basically downgrade the relationship so she can see what else is out there removes the whole point of being engaged.

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