Heartbroken, I kind of asked how he felt about me?

hi, I am in a little dillema. I have known this guy for 13yrs and we werent close at all just normal friends and suddenly we started getting close, we chat everyday with him initiating the conversation, he touches me any slight chance he has and I know he likes me he also always invites me out every time but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. was kinda getting weary so I asked him today what he wanted with me, he was acting coy ad didn't say anything I thought maybe if I initiated the conversation he would go ahead and ask me to be his girlfriend but he didn't. I feel stupid he still held me close and texted me when I got home but what do I do, I like him and I think am a little upset I need advise..thanks


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  • Maybe he doesn't know what he wants. I think you did the right thing, I'm surprised he didn't just propose ;)


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