Why did she post on Craig's List again?

I met a girl on craigs list, and we went out. I thought she was amazing. She seemed to think I was OK too, when saying goodbye she said 'I had a great time' and 'You can call me', with a cute little smile. Good news, right? Apparently not. The next day she posted again on craigs list. It was definitely her. So I'm a bit upset about that, and I am a bit confused. What could be going on??


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  • Marriage is monogamous, dating is not.

    Since she went on a date with you I would say it's a safe bet that she is on the dating scene. So, just because she had a good time on a date with you doesn't mean that she won't probably go on other dates. It also doesn't mean that you shouldn't either.

    You don't have any right to get upset here. Non, it you two get into an actual relationship then you could be upset.

    Best advice, don't screw up a good thing, ask her out again & see where this goes.

    • I agree - you know that both of you have the right to date more than one person now (since you met via a dating site), but that changes as time passes. You know she's looking, so don't lose confidence; you're doing well. Survive and advance.

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  • It was just one date. She is dating, and likewise, you should keep on the look out too. This doesn't mean that you can't ask her out again. She said you can call her, so if you enjoyed the date, call her. You know you have her when she stops posting :)

  • She is keeping her options open at this early stage, as you should too.


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